6 times Rory Williams was the most badass character in the universe

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“She can always hear me, Doctor. Always, wherever she is. She always knows that I am coming for her, do you understand me? Always.”

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AU MemeA Magical/Medieval Amy and Rory
(Suggested by anon)

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30 Days of the Ponds
Day 05 - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

5.07 Amy’s Choice
Something happened. I…What happened to me? I… Oh. Oh right. This is good. I am liking this.  Was it something I said? Can you tell what it was so I can use it in emergencies? And maybe birthdays.

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30 Days of the Ponds
Day 04 - Your Favorite Season 6 Episode

6.10 The Girl Who Waited

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30 Days of the Ponds
Day 01 - The Moment You Started Shipping Them

5.07 Amy’s Choice
I can’t choose only one moment from this episode, because there are several. So I leave you with my favorite Amy’s quotes from it. The quotes which helped me understand that Amy really cared and loved Rory, and thanks to them I started shipping the Ponds.

Amy: No. Come back. Save him. You save everyone. You always do. It’s what you do.
The Doctor: Not always. I’m sorry.
Amy: Then what is the point of you?

Amy: This is the dream. Definitely, this one. Now, if we die here, we wake up, yeah?
The Doctor: Unless we just die.
Amy: Either way, this is my only chance of seeing him again.

Amy: This is the dream.
The Doctor: How do you know?
Amy: Because if this is real life, I don’t want it. I don’t want it.

The Doctor: Be very sure. This could be the real world.
Amy: It can’t be. Rory isn’t here.

Amy: I just want him. I love Rory, and I never told him, but now he’s gone.

Rory: But how did you know it was a dream? Before you crashed the van, how did you know you wouldn’t just die?
Amy: I didn’t.

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30 Days of The Ponds (Amy and Rory)

  1. The moment you started shipping them
  2. Favorite Quote (Pond to Pond)
  3. Favorite Season 5 episode
  4. Favorite Season 6 episode
  5. Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
  6. Favorite Amy moment
  7. Favorite Rory moment
  8. Favorite The Ponds moment (overall)
  9. Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
  10. Favorite Amy quote about Rory
  11. Favorite Rory quote about Amy
  12. Favorite Ponds related quote (in general)
  13. Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
  14. Favorite Hug
  15. Favorite Kiss
  16. Favorite Reunion
  17. Favorite Happy moment
  18. Favorite Sad or Angst moment
  19. Most Tender moment
  20. Favorite Badass moment (Rory or Amy or both)
  21. A scene that made you cry
  22. Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
  23. Favorite Amy picture (or cap)
  24. Favorite Rory picture (or cap)
  25. Favorite the Ponds picture (or cap)
  26. Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
  27. A scene you’d love to see
  28. A song that could be their song
  29. Why do you love them
  30. Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
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